mahakali-riverThe customary wellspring of the (Maha)Kali is the lake of the Kali sanctuary at Kalapani. The geographic sources, in any case, are nearly five kilometers encourage north and somewhere in the range of thousand meters higher: streams rising up out of ice sheets along the watershed with the highest Humla Karnali. India’s fringe with China’s Tibet Autonomous Region tails this watershed. Beneath Kalapani the stream has been Nepal’s western outskirt with India since the Sugauli Treaty finishing up the Anglo-Nepalese War of 1814–16.


The Kali gets the right-bank  Dhauliganga—not to be mistaken for the Alaknanda tributary—at Tawaghat (29º57’N, 80º36’E). It passes a town Dharchula and gets Gori Ganga at Jauljibi , leaving the high mountains that venture into the snow capped zone. At 29º36’N, 80º24’E the primary essential left-bank  tributary from Nepal, the Chameliya joins subsequent to streaming southwest from Nepal’s Gurans Himal (counting Api). A bazaar town Jhulaghat (29º34′, 80º21′) is on both sides of the stream. At that point the Kali gets the Saryu River  at 29º27’N, 80º15’E. The zone around Pancheshwar is called Kali Kumaon.